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LaVitta & Colton

Wedding Date: 06/12/2022

Venue: Bridal Veil Lakes

Photographer: Naba Zabih


How Was Your Experience at The Dress Theory Seattle?

I had the best shopping experience with Val. I felt like family and she made me feel so beautiful. I can not recommend her enough. It was by far the best shopping experience I had.


How Was Your Wedding?

The wedding took place at Bridal Veil Lakes, outside of Portland, OR. The vision was Pride & Prejudice elegance with a modern twist. I love dark and moody photography, and Naba knocked it out of the park. The wedding was intentionally planned to take place on 'Loving Day’. Loving Day commemorates the supreme court decision to legalize interracial marriage nationwide.


Vendors: For the Love of Floral, Naba Zabih, MUA - Shantilly Srtistry, Planners - Hostedby