Top Dresses of 2016 - Fox by Rue de Seine

Photo via  Instagram

Photo via Instagram

What a year! We didn't think our love for our brides and wedding dresses could grow anymore, and somehow our hearts expanded and made some more room. We really loved our 2016 brides! Thank you to everyone that supported us in anyway. As a small business that support means the world to us! We had great brides last year we will never forget. And there were also a lot of KILLER gowns we will never forget too! We wanted to share with you the "favorite dresses of 2016" at our shops. If you like what you see and these posts are full of the dresses you've been looking for, come see us for an appointment! Our appointments our one-on-one so it will just be you (and your special guests) working with one of our passionate, fun stylists. 

To kick off our 2016 dress recap, we have Fox by Rue de Seine. This gown was the obvious choice for us to start with. No gown has ever stolen our brides hearts to this level before. We couldn't be happier about it either, because JUST LOOK AT THIS DRESS! The sleek, sexy fit paired with the bohemian fabric, unique details, and comfortable fit make this dress a dream combination. It's a showstopper unlike we've ever seen before and it' guaranteed to leave everyone else speechless too! It's unforgettable! It's light but long train make it so versatile too. Indoor or outdoor wedding, Fox is STILL your girl! Some brides loved the off-the-shoulder arm bands. Some of you preferred the dress without. No matter what, we loved seeing this dress light up a bride's face when it was "the one".

Dear Fox, thank you for a beautiful 2016. We love you and can't wait to spend some more time with your beautiful, mesmerizing face this year. Did we mention we think you're really, really good-looking? xo, The Dress Theory Seattle + Nashville + San Diego

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