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New Perfume Ideas for your wedding day
Photos by Will Vastine for The Dress Theory

"Perfume is the indispensable complement to the personality of women, the finishing touch on a dress." - Christian Dior

You are probably running around checking off your wedding to-do list. You shopped for your wedding dress seven to nine months before your wedding. You even found your wedding earrings, nail polish, hair style! But have you considered choosing a new fragrance for your wedding day?

 A scent can bring a rush of vivid memories and picking a perfume to wear for the first time that day is an unique way to lock down those specific memories. On future special occasion or anniversaries you will know exactly what perfume to wear. Every time you reach for that treasured bottle you will instantly be transported back to the magic of that day together! Christian Dior reminded us that the perfect scent can also complete your wedding day look, so keep in mind the vision for how you want to look and feel that day. Choose a perfume that will make you feel like your most glamorous, sexy, romantic, bohemian self. Or whatever look or feel you want to create for the day! Shopping for a new scent with your fiancé is a fun wedding planning project that you two can enjoy together too! Something a little different and refreshing after a day of addressing Save-The-Dates together all day, and romantic too! If you are both into perfumes and colognes, maybe you will both be able to find your wedding day choice. A new fragrance will not only complete your look and impact you will have on your guests and fiancé, but will also instantly recall those memories for the future!

To inspire your wedding day fragrance search, we selected a few of our favorite and most memorable perfumes to share with you. And we would love to hear what scent you will be wearing that day!