Introducing Claire Pettibone Romantique to The Dress Theory









Queen Anne's Lace

Photos by Anton Oparin via Le Blog de Claire Pettibone

We're so excited to welcome Romantique by Claire Pettibone to The Dress Theory and can't wait for our samples to arrive this November. The Romantique line will be perfect for our boho inspired, stylish brides! We can see these gowns on the beach, in the forest, on a farm, or a artsy urban space. In other words we think brides should wear these gowns anywhere and everywhere they can! Camille, our founder/creative director, just returned from a recent trip to Morocco and can't stop dreaming of a wedding at a Moroccan villa with the Casablanca gown. Or a an Italian fashionista rocking Amour and showing off a killer pair of heels as she walks down the aisle, obviously inspired by this chic, fashion drenched wedding. And our Seattle manager Courtney can't wait to get her hands on the entire collection for her PNW brides, especially Rosemary and Estelle. Who can resist beautiful back details like those two gowns have?! We'll see you in November boho bridal babes when the Romantique collection hits The Dress Theory Seattle!

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