The Olsen Twins & A Wedding Dress

It's safe to say our minds are blown. That photo might just be so good our founder/creative director shed a tear or two when she saw this photograph on Vogue yesterday. Not only are there lace sleeves, a lace veil, romantic effortless waves in her hair, and those painfully chic Manolo's, but her BFFs are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. We cannot handle the idea of that. Childhood dream come true! Actually let's be honest, it's still our dream to be their BFF. But now we can live through Mary Fishkin ;)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen designed the bride's exquisite lace wedding dress and veil. Can we just talk about that veil for a moment? Now THAT is a veil. And we're obsessed. We're big cheerleaders of veils over here (assuming it fits you and your wedding day style), and this needs to happen with one of our Dress Theory brides soon! Have you ever seen anything so bold, yet incredibly timeless and classic? Full lace veils win! And that dress... We're getting more and more long sleeve wedding dresses in our boutiques, and we love that Mary donned long lace sleeves. Even for her outdoor June wedding. Proof you don't have to have a winter wedding in order to wear long sleeves on your wedding day! Thank you Mary!

 All Photos by Heather Kincaid via Vogue

If you love this wedding even half as much as we do, we should totally be best friends too. Or we hope that you'll at least come shopping with us for your wedding dress. Unless you have the opportunity to have your girls' Mary-Kate and Ashley custom design your gown. Then you should totally do that. We won't be mad at all, because obviously it's our dream come true!

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