Sample Sale at The Dress Theory Seattle

We're so excited for our savvy brides to join us for our Spring sample sale here in Seattle on Friday, April 11. These "sales" are a rare treat, we only host sample sales twice a year. This special event is by appointment only, and appointments can be scheduled by calling us at 206-550-7948.

Sample gowns by Jenny Packham, Sarah Seven, Claire Pettibone, Nicole Miller, Ivy & Aster, and many more of our incredible designers will be on sale! The sample sale is the perfect opportunity for brides looking to buy a designer wedding at a great price. We're talking big discounts here ladies! If you've been dreaming of a designer gown at a lower price point, our sample sale is your chance.

Still trying to determine if you are a good match for a sample sale shopping event? Here are a few things we've learned to hopefully help you get the most out of your experience -

1. Sample gowns are technically used. They have not been worn by a real bride on her wedding day. The gowns also have not be exposed to damaging/risky environments like outdoor wear, smoke, pets, harsh/direct sunlight, etc. However, these gowns have been tried on by brides who have scheduled private appointments at our boutique. Many of them are still in exceptional condition though. 

2. Our sample dresses are a size 8, 10, or 12. Gowns cannot usually be let out more than 1/4", and they also should not be taken in more than 3 to 4 sizes if possible. While we can order brand new gowns in variety of sizes, sample sales are most successful for brides that are close to the size of our samples. 

3. Sample sales are a special, exciting event that always book up in advance at our boutique. We highly recommend booking your sample sale appointment with us as soon as you can if you are interested. The deals available at sample sales are also only available that day during your appointment, so sample sale brides should be ready to officially 'say yes' to their sample sale dress that day. Be ready to walk away with the designer wedding dress of your dreams at an exceptional price! The sale on the gowns is only available on Friday, April 11. If you are not a place in your wedding planning to purchase a dress, we recommend booking a regular appointment with us on another day. We'd love to have you in! 

4. Sample sale prices are marked as is. We take several factors into consideration during the markdown process and we have priced them appropriately. 
5. Sample sale gowns are sold as is. You get to take home the gown you try and purchase. After you have purchased the gown, you can choose to do any additional changes, cleaning, or alterations you choose. 

6. If you like shopping for a good deal and love being decisive, sample sales are fun!

Appointments are filling up fast, but you can still lock one down by giving us a call at our Seattle boutique! 

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