Introducing Rue De Seine to The Dress Theory!

We are so excited for the incredible, unique, and fresh Rue De Seine to head our way! These gowns are unlike anything else in our boutique and we know the bohemian-chic bride looking for a fashion forward gown they feel comfortable and beautiful in is going to go crazy for these gowns. Designer Michele Corty's Rue De Seine confections are to die for. We recently did a major photo shoot with the Bryce Covey in his Los Angeles studio, and we were lucky enough to loan some model size samples of the Kate and Chloe gowns. We fell in love with these gowns online, and their beauty, quality, and power in person greatly exceeded our already high expectations. This line is dream! We are so happy to bring it to our Dress Theory brides!

Here are just a few of the gowns we picked up for our shops. We hope you love them even half as much as we do! PS If you are booking an appointment and specifically interested in Rue De Seine be sure to let us know so we can schedule you around our sample gown arrivals. Thanks!


The Dress Theory