Beaded Bridesmaids {Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration}

We may or may not have been doing some late night internet window shopping on one of our favorite websites, when these beaded dresses jumped right off the page and caught our attention. And in a very good way! Not only are they beautiful, unique bridesmaid dresses your favorite ladies could totally wear again... They are affordable options! Extra hint, if you pick up the latest People Magazine's People Style Watch Magazine (with Jessica Alba on the cover) there is a promo code inside that will save you and your ladies an extra 20% off at ASOS. So savvy!

{Real Dress Theory Bride Blakely photographed by Andria Lindquist}

Our own Real Dress Theory Brides Amanda and Blakely both had their bridesmaids in seriously fabulous beaded gowns, and we've received several emails from brides across the country asking where they could find something similar for their ladies. So we rounded up these beaded dresses for you, all perfect for your bridesmaids. These dresses would coordinate perfectly with your Dress Theory wedding gown. Stylish bridesmaids for a stylish bride!

{Real Dress Theory Bride Amanda photographed by Diane and Mike Photography}

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