Claire Pettibone Spring 2014 {NYC BRIDAL MARKET RECAP}

I'm back with the next portion of our NYC recap featuring Claire Pettibone, a designer that is very near and dear to our hearts! Claire's Spring 2014 "Decoupage" was truly breathtaking! The collection reminded us of the very first time we visited her in NYC for bridal market exactly a year before when she debuted her "Windsor Rose Collection". The dresses from both spring lines seemed to truly capture the essence of spring, and as always Claire's designs just might be the most ethereal wedding dresses out there. It's never easy to choose which dresses we are going to buy for our boutique (not that I'm complaining about my job at all, it really is the best), but we are so happy with our choices and cannot wait until these three arrive!

Is that not the best long-sleeve lace wedding dress you've seen in a long time?! Charlotte would be perfect for the boho, classic, or vintage bride.  It is such a versatile gown, and one that will never go out of style. PS Long lacy sleeves were all over the Spring 2014 Bridal Market, such a lovely surprise!

Oh Florentine, we are so drawn to you! And we can't quite put our finger on why we love this dress so much, but we simply do! Florentine is so soft and simple, yet so detailed and unique. 

And then there was thing beauty... 

 Wren! I know I said this dress was my favorite gown in the last Bridal Market post, but Claire Pettibone's Wren is my favorite too! I thought for a brief moment I could narrow it down to just one gown, but I just couldn't (Confession, I even have one more favorite gown to share from Miss Sarah Seven in another post to come). The back of Wren was definitely the most beautiful one the entire week. Detailed, unique, simple, sweet, sexy, etc... We don't know how Claire designed such a beautiful back that encompasses every trait we could ever want in a wedding dress, but she did! 

In addition to these three from her Spring 2014, we picked up three gorgeous dresses from her continuing collection too! We can't wait to share these dresses with you soon. In the mean time we'll be counting down the days until these dresses arrive!

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