Jenny Packham Spring 2014 {NYC Bridal Market Recap}

Last month we jetted off to NYC for Bridal Market for five days. We had a blast eating delicious food, exploring the city, sleeping in comfy hotel beds, and most of all... Shopping for new bridal gown samples for our boutique! When we go to NYC for buying and bridal fashion week, we meet with each designer we carry in the shop (and designers that we don't currently carry but are planning or considering carrying too). In our appointments they show us the entire new collection on their models in a private showing. From there we get to pick out our favorite 5, 6, 7, or even 8 new samples we are buying for the shop! 

We starting off our bridal appointments with the fabulous Jenny Packham! It was the perfect way to start the weekend! We absolutely adore the Jenny Packham ladies and had so much fun checking out the new dresses with them. Even if it was first thing in the morning! 

These first four dresses are the four we bought for our boutique from the new collection. There were lots of "Oohs" and "Ahhs" over the entire collection, but these four truly stood out to us and was actually a fairly easy decision for once! 

 This third dress, Belle, was my absolute favorite dress of the entire Bridal Market! I love everything about this dress, the soft tulle, beautiful draping, off-the-shoulder sleeves, and emerald cut (my favorite cut!) jewel belt. Belle has everything in a dress that I didn't even know I was looking for! But that's why there are designers like Jenny Packham, and then there are shop owners like me. I'll leave creating the dress-of-my-dreams-that-I-did-not-even-know-I-was-dreaming-of to the designers, and I'll just have fun shopping for them. Side note about tulle, it was all over bridal market! Lace totally dominated the bridal market when we first started going to NYC a few seasons ago, but tulle is definitely making a comeback and I'm loving everything about it. 

We also picked up two dresses, Esme and Julianne, that are not from the newest collection, but we just had to have them! Esme is as close to dress perfection as I think it gets and we are so happy to be bringing Esme to Seattle. I'm going to do my best to patiently wait for its late summer arrival... We'll see how that goes!

Starting our bridal market journey this season with the ladies at Jenny Packham was simply a dream (and meeting Jenny Packham herself later that night was pretty darn fabulous too), and we hope you enjoyed starting off our Market Recap with her new line too. Can't wait to share more from our trip soon <3