Finding the perfect Veil

Finding the perfect Veil. Mobile Image

May 06, 2020

To veil or not to veil? This is a question we get often in our bridal appointments. Although we are usually very pro veil because when else are you going to get to wear one, we do believe in choosing the right veil for your dress! Length, style, and fabric, all matter!


We carry different style veils from Sara Gabriel, Twigs and Honey, Rue De Seine, and our custom veil maker and Seattle in-house Seamstress Loudy!


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Picking a veil is easy and fun! First, we always recommend trying on veil options when you are buying your dress! This way you can decide if you'd like a lace veil, cathedral length, or something a little different! For instance, if you've chosen an intricate wedding dress perhaps you may want to go simple with your veil. Or if there is lace trim on your gown, your veil can mirror it. If your gown is simple and you love pearls, why not try a pearl veil that's sentimental to your style and compliments your gown. If you have a victorian inspired gown, why not try a veil that references that era with a modern touch. Try to tie together your look and let your veil enhance your wedding day style. And our stylists are here to help make suggestions too! If trying to find the perfect matching lace veil seems a bit overwhelming when in doubt go simple! A simple, raw cut edge veil on a flat comb will never go out of style or take away from your dress! Take it from us!




When should brides purchase their veil? We recommend doing it at the same time as the dress to ensure they compliment each other and to just help accomplish one more element of wedding planning. If it's a simple veil it can be ordered at your pickup appointment usually, but if it's intricate or something that will be customized in alterations (like adding lace or embroidery) then order it when you order your gown to ensure a smooth, stress-free timeline. Some of our designers have quick ordering timeframes for veils, but others can take up to 8 weeks to order!







How long should your veil be? That is truly a personal preference! If you are doing a long veil we recommend it stops a few inches past your dress train so it doesn't break up the design/cut you off. If you're shorter, some say full-length veils can be elongating. But really there are not too many rules! For instance, Even if you are wearing a tea-length dress your veil can be extra, extra long to help you feel like the ultimate bride you are! It's your day! Pick what feels right and what feels the most for you! Your veil can make just the statement you want it to, or it can be a simple add-on that gives you that extra wedding day feels!


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