A Bridal Trend We Love

A Bridal Trend We Love. Mobile Image

Sep 23, 2019



One bridal trend that we love and are currently so excited about is Overskirts! If you haven't heard about bridal gown overskirts, allow us to fill you in. The idea is to start with a fitted bridal gown that shows your curves and makes you feel elegant and beautiful (which we love) and adds in the option to switch up the look with a removable skirt overlay full of all your flowy romantic dreams. The beauty of bridal overlays or skirts is that you get two looks with the same dress! No FOMO here. Also, you can have a full skirt impactful bridal moment during the ceremony, and then take it off and have something easy to wear and feel sexy in while dancing the night away! A major win if you ask us. One of the best examples of a bridal overskirt in all its glory is the combination of Saint Germaine by Alexandra Grecco. This gown and skirt will be available at the upcoming Alexandra Grecco Trunk Show at every Dress Theory location, and will be 10% off during the trunk shows!


Find the dates below to try on this stunning combo, we know you'll love it as much as we do!

San Diego: October 11-13th

Seattle: October 18-20th

Nashville: October 25-27th